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The Netball Club

Borough Green and Wrotham joined together to form a local netball club last Summer in 2017 by Carley Compaan and Lisa Isard, keen netball lovers who felt this would be a perfect sports opportunity for women locally. Within a short period of time, they have accomplished 35 members between the ages of 16 and 60 and this new club have also started an affiliated league team called “Firebirds” who play matches regularly against a variety of clubs. The club maintains a real sense of friendship and camaraderie despite varying ages.

Although, initially started for woman over 16 the club is looking to expand its repertoire to children (both boys and girls) in the near future. In order to realise this next move, they will be attaining relevant qualifications and are already half way through coaching level 1 training. Following that Lisa will be a working towards becoming a level two qualified coach and Carley will be working on her C Award as a qualified umpire. The club meet regularly on Wednesday evenings.

New members are always welcome, so please feel free to contact either Lisa or Carley:

Lisa Isar – 07711079447

Carley Compaan – 07841574156