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Monty Dog’s Blog from the Wrotham Parish Mag & Wrotham Church

Monty Dog’s Blog

Hello everybody, really hope you and your humans are well. These are difficult times for everyone!
I was gutted when I heard that the Parish magazine was not going to be published next month. How can I tell my mates what is going on in the village?
Then I was asked by the leader of the Parish Council to write something for their website. What an honour!
Then I had to think about what to write about! There is absolutely nothing happening!
Lots of you will have seen me looking out of the window to see what’s going on! Nothing!! I have hardly seen any of my mates. Of course, I bark at the dogs I do not like as usual. I really miss my mates.
I am allowed to go for a long walk once a day, for exercise (I do not work or go shopping) and I have seen a few of you on your walks. Obviously, I am keeping my distance…2 metres, whatever that means.

See me on one of Victoria's Learning Pages

Do you remember when Victoria drew a picture of me? I used it as the picture in my blogs for a while.

Anyway, Victoria asked if I would help her with a learning website while the children are off school. Of course I said yes. Another honour. You can see me on the learning page. What a handsome looking dog. I cannot work out any of the answers, but then it isn’t meant for dogs.
Did you go outside with your humans when they clapped for the workers in the NHS and other key workers? I did. To be honest I was not happy, especially when one of my humans started banging a saucepan with a wooden spoon. I ran back indoors!
That’s all for now. Make sure your humans do what Boris says, stay indoors to help the NHS and save lives.
Hopefully I will see you all soon when this is over.
Love Monty xx

PS Can you spot my house in the old photograph of Wrotham High Street above?


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St George’s Church, Wrotham

In accordance with national policy, St George’s Church has to remain closed for all purposes at the moment. Rev Edward Wright is currently holding Services by Zoom every Sunday at 10.30am . If you would like a video conferencing link to join the Service, please contact directly or via the Wrotham Church website.

Prayer requests can also be sent in via this e-mail. You can visit the  Wrotham Church Website here 

The Wrotham Parish Magazine is a community publication produced by St George’s Church.

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