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Wrotham Steam & Transport Rally – Malling Lions Final Goodbye

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in the Wrotham Classic Transport Rally.

This event has primarily been a means of raising funds for the local area and has been organised by volunteers since it began in 1979. This requires a huge amount of commitment by individuals for a large part of the year and particularly on the weekend itself.

Malling Lions Club assisted the Friends of Wrotham to run the show in 2022, then took over for 2023. The present size of the club does not allow us to continue alone and additionally there are many legislative and insurance related factors which need to be addressed each year. Along with the cost of living effects on those who attend the event as visitors, exhibitors and concessions these have a financial implication in relation to the up front costs and income

We have looked at sharing the organisation of the Rally with other volunteer groups, but this has not proved possible. Therefore, we have come to the sad conclusion that we cannot continue to run the Rally and unless another organisation willing to take over comes forward, it will not take place in or from 2024.

We would like to thank everybody involved in organising or attending the Rally since it began, raising much needed funds for the local area, and we are very sorry to have to make this decision.

Malling Lions Club
December 2023

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