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Thursday 7th March 2024

Wrotham Crime Diary Initiative

WPC launched the second Crime Diary in December 2023 and it is proving to be successful in drawing attention to, and curtailing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and crime.

Police Officers and the CSU served 2 Community Protection Warnings, on addresses that have been reported to them in Wrotham. If these warnings are ignored, then the perpetrators are committing a criminal offence and further action is taken.

If you have seen a crime or are aware of locations where equipment being used unlawfully, for instance motorbikes are stored, then please contact us immediately. It can be anonymous if you prefer however, we do not disclose names anyway.

How do villagers report into the Crime Diary?

  1. By letter using the WPC post-box in Hardens. Go past the counter and it’s on the right, above the magazine rack.
  2. Text or WhatsApp messages to a dedicated Mobile phone number: 07568 056484
  3. By email:

What should be included when reporting an incident?

– Crime should be reported to police using 101 or 999 as appropriate. A crime reference number should be obtained and be included when reporting this to WPC.

– Report all incidents of ASB providing as much Information as possible – date and time, location, named individuals and a description of what happened and if anyone was impacted or distressed by the incident or behaviour.

How will information be used?

– WPC will record all incidents over an appropriate period. None of these reports will be publicised to maintain anonymity.

– WPC will share a dated crime diary to all parties with a legal responsibility for our safety as residents including Community Policing, Crime Commissioner, TMBC, and Community Safety Unit and Senior Housing Officers.

WPC guarantee absolute anonymity in dealing with all information provided to us. As a community we have collective responsibility for protecting the wonderful village we live in and ensuring that a minority are not allowed to impact the lives of its residents.

Please participate in this opportunity to prevent what seems like minor issues escalating into something much more difficult to deal with.

Thank you and Best Wishes